Keiro is the main antagonist in the Hero Tales manga and anime series. He is a general in the imperial army and leader of the Black Wolf Party. He wants to be emperor of the Ken Empire. Keiro has the mark of Duhbe, the evil warrior god, on his left shoulder.

History Edit

In the anime, Keiro attacked Lotus Temple with his troops to retrieve the sacred sword Kenkaranpu, it is said that if you sheath the sword you will get the right to rule as emperor. Many monks tried to stop Keiro from sheathing the sword but were killed. Taitō Shirei tried to stop Keiro and in their fight, Taito sheathed the sword which caused him to have the powers of the Alkaid, warrior god and rival to Duhbe. Taito sheathing the sword caused an explosion and the impact of it scarred Keiro's face. Keiro defeated Taito despite his powers and retrieved the sword from him, since Keiro had the sword the mark of Duhbe was placed on his left shoulder.

Creation and Development Edit

Voice Edit

In the Japanese dub of the anime, he is voiced by Banjou Ginga.

In the English dub, he is voiced by Brian Mathis.